You know you want your dog's face EVERYWHERE!

I am a full-service photographer which means that when you book in a photoshoot with me, you get the whole package. I want you to leave my photoshoot feeling like we have captured some really beautiful images of your doggie, that can be displayed anywhere. Therefore, I offer several products that you can purchase afterward.

You choose the photographs and the products which will then be delivered straight to your door with zero hassle!

All of these products are top quality items that will be produced and designed specifically for you. This means that you can personalize the products and really have something that you love!

And remember, 10% of all my earnings go towards The Humane Society of Greater Miami, which includes the products that I sell. So anything you buy will be going to a good cause and helping animals in the local area.

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Phone Cases

Bring your doggie with you wherever you go with these custom designed phone covers. They are professionally printed and made to last. You can choose which photograph we print onto the phone case so you can have as many designs as you would like and even switch them out every month or season!

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Tote Bags

These tote bags are perfect for days at the beach or keeping all their things together on family vacations. You can use them when your dog is staying with someone for a couple of days or even just a day trip to the shops! They are big enough to keep food, toys & treats inside but not too big that you lose things in there! They are thick, sturdy bags that will last you a very long time as they are lined and well made.