These photographs really show off your poochies' personality and their natural beauty.

We will take photographs of them standing up, sitting down, lying down, etc as well as photographing from different angles and different focal lengths to get a wide range of photographs to choose from.

You can also get in the photographs with your dog if you would like some family portraits. (Please be conscious of the white background when planning outfits.)


This is perfect for any birthdays, gotcha days or other celebrations (new human baby in the family, new brother or sister, etc). These shoots are fun and include a cake, cake stand, letter board with your personalized message and a colorful garland to match the cake!

We work with a professional dog bakery who makes everything to order. The cakes are made from human-grade ingredients and are so pretty!

We offer 3 different flavors (peanut butter & sweet potato, blueberry & whole wheat, banana & carob chip) and 6 decorations/colors to suit your desires!


Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, July 4th... throughout the year we celebrate many holidays. We are sure our poochies also want to join the pawties! On a regular basis, we organize special photoshoots to celebrate a specific holiday.

We provide lots of decorations to match the theme and some accessories for your dog (bandana, outfit). Obviously you are more than welcome to bring your own costumes too!

Some special sessions such as Christmas may also include the entire family.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss any of our announcements. You will also have access to private sales and early-birds tickets. We usually organize the photoshoots during an entire weekend, early enough so you can get them printed, sent to family & friends or simply think up a witty Instagram caption!


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