Beautiful portraits of your dog on a white background, clean and simple.

These photographs really show off your poochies' personality and their natural beauty.

We will take photographs of them standing up, sitting down, lying down, etc as well as photographing from different angles and different focal lengths to get a wide range of photographs to choose from.

You can also get in the photographs with your dog if you would like some family portraits. (Please be conscious of the white background when planning outfits.)

Find out why we print onto metal

With lots of options available, I specifically chose to use metal prints for many reasons.

They are easy to clean, which means when mucky fingers touch them, you can simply wipe them clean again. They're lightweight so you can easily move them from room to room with no hassle. They're durable so you don't have to worry about them breaking if you ever move house, unlike glass frames that can smash and canvases that can get a hole in them.

They're also UV protected so you can put them next to the window or outside and the colors won't fade. The metal prints are printed using a dye sublimation process which means they are printed within the metal so the print won't peel off and they're perfect for humid areas of the house such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Printing on metal also allows the image to be crisp and sharp unlike canvas prints and they're glossy and modern, unlike paper prints.

I use a professional printing laboratory that only works with professional photographers, so even though you could go and buy metal prints from some online retailers, I can't guarantee that the colors, quality, and outcome will be the same as mine. I guarantee customer satisfaction and as I trust the companies I work with.

The metal prints are available with 2 mounting options, so they can be displayed either on a flat surface such as a desk or bedside table or can be used to create a gallery wall.


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